K. Kushagra Srivastava


Kushagra is the founder and acting President of VYÃPTI Foundation. The name was devised by him which is an acronym for "Volunteers for Youth Awareness Programmes Throughout India," while in Sanskrit language the term means 'pervasion of something' and hence fits well.

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Atul Maurya


 Head of Public Relations

Atul's calm and soothing approach clearly states that he can make people work. His assurance is the guarantee for the work to be done.

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Ujjwal M. Tripathi

Head of Human Resource Department

Ujjwal deals with those who cannot be dealt with. He has that specific 'way' which is required.

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Sudhanshu Dwivedi

 Head of Social Media 

The person who knows everything and can do everything but still has a balanced and responsible attitude.

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Abhishek Tripathi

 Head of Voluntary Services

The happy-go-lucky person and the humblest one among the lot. Always willing to help others in anyway that is possible.

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Ishita Gupta

Graphic Designer

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