Due to this pandemic, we all have become lazy and clumsy so we have brought something interesting for the people "Prayaas" which means "To try" and we at VYÃPTI believe to try is to learn and achieve. Get ready to discover your hidden talent as there are several interesting competitions for you all to participate in.

These competitions are not just to increase our group activity but also to make everyone feel part of the organization this will also help you to discover something new and unearth your hidden talents. We have several interesting competitions like eastern and western vocals, instrumental solo, art and craft, photography/ phone photography, collage and poster making, essay and poetry writing giving you the perfect platform to showcase your interest.

Lastly, the main objective of our organization through these competitions is to raise money, the proceeds of which will go in helping people such as roadside vendors, laborers, roadside sculptors and potters who have lost their source of livelihood due to the lockdown caused by the pandemic. Thus we are inviting everybody to participate in these competitions.

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* Eastern and western vocals- songs which soothes your heart and ears. Which makes you smile when you hear someone's beautiful voice which can make you feel elated and happy.

* Instrumental Solo- Play us your favorite tune on your preferred instrument, any song English or Hindi which gives a good vibe.

*Art and Craft- take out your sketch pens, use your paint brushes and the crayons and draw beautiful image of anything you like. Show your art skills in all possible way.
It’s time to get a little crafty, use old boxes, tissue papers, broken CD's, tore clothes and make something out of it who knows it might  turn out to be your masterpiece.

* Photography- this ones for all the people are passionate about capturing scenic images and natural beauty. Show us your skills with camera/phone camera.


* Dance- "Rythm is a dancer" your feets can't control themselves when they hear your favourite song, you groove on the beats and show your moves you dance when you happy, you dance in the rain and you dance when you're forced by the parents to show your talent to your relatives it's fun to show your happiness through it.

* Essay and poetry- This one is for all the Shakespeares and Wordsworth in our organization. Write a beautiful poem or an interesting essay on any topic of your interest.


* Poster and collage making- Put your innovation to use and draw us a sketch on poster related to prevalent issue or make an interesting collage depicting  current happenings in the world.

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