Every child has the Right to Education, while the elite class manages to get their kids admitted to prime private schools of the city big huge fees, the not so elite ones join the schools managed by State Governments, with no applied fees. This system is prevalent in this country for over four decades now and slowly these children studying in public schools had started to match the pace with their counterparts in different societies. 

This scenario changed completely when the Government was forced to keep all the schools and colleges closed due to the pandemic, where on one hand the children who had necessary resources were able to attend their classes online and continue with their curriculum, while on the other hand, these children were deprived of education due to lack of resources to attend digital classes. 
Eklavya Mission was initiated to help these children who are lagging behind again in terms of education. 


If you are interested in supporting this initiative then all you have to do is:

1. Select just 1 child who lacks such resources in 'terms of education.' The child can be of our chauffeurs, house helps, gardeners, or any other person.

2. Take permission from the parents of the child as well as your family that you wish to teach the child for at least 1 hour a day.

3. Provide the child with a mask to wear while studying and a sanitizer or handwash at the entrance of your house.

4. On the first day, just check the level of that child so that you get an idea of where to start and send us information along with the child's photograph.

5. Start teaching the child and evaluate them on a fortnightly or monthly basis and note if any progress is recorded.

6. If we continue to do this until the schools reopen, we can at least maintain the status quo and ensure that they don't lag behind when things get back to normal.

For any query contact us at: po@vyapti.org, president@vyapti.org

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